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  • Kelly Ehler, CPA, CA, LPA, TEP

Planning Your Upcoming PD? Think About Real Estate!

Real estate is one of those topics that doesn’t always get the PD attention like new tax rules, CRA audits, and current developments. However, it is pervasive in everyone’s lives and daily practice. As such, the topic is an important one, particularly given there has been so much residential development throughout the country and with continued low interest rates, continues to attract a lot of investment capital. So our focus is not just on some tax aspects, but also, what’s going on in the financing spectrum. I’ve also been reading some real estate tax court materials recently as I think about our upcoming presentation. A couple “reminder” areas in particular were, one, what’s a current expense vs. a capital cost and the second related to the replacement property rules. I’ll write back on this later as I think there were some good reminder points. Real estate financing. Hear some real examples of current financing for development and income producing properties by one of the most experienced lenders in the country. If they can’t solve your need, they likely know who to direct you to. The CEO of the company, Scott Cameron will be presenting. On the legal and tax side, Ryan Morris and WeirFoulds has worked with real estate of all types. Limited partnerships, joint ventures, regular corporate holdings, let’s hear more about the tax and legal implications. In real estate, particularly, anything to do with new housing HST / GST is a complicated, risky area that always seems to generate problems. Lloyd Newton of SLF has dealt with it all, many times over. He’s going to discuss the rules and the things to watch out for, not only on the housing side but other HST/GST aspects as well. Our speakers are expert in their field and can answer your questions!

Join us Thursday, December 7th, 2017, live or via webinar, to learn more of the issues related to real estate.

Speakers Lloyd Newton, CPA, CA Scott Cameron Ryan Morris, LLB

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