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Terms and Conditions

General Policy

As we continue to build and develop our seminar programs at itaxpartners, our goal is to ensure we meet the needs of our attendees by providing the best possible options for professional development and networking.

As part of this goal, itaxpartners has defined the programs used at itaxpartners and created business rules as pertaining to fees for seminars and webinars.



Webinars- web-based seminars that are held virtually over the internet, and are based on our in house seminars under the guidance of itaxpartners trusted tax and industry professionals.


Seminars are conducted in-person at specified venues, and are lead by itaxpartners trusted tax and industry professionals on specifically identified topics.

Business Rules- Payment, Cancellation, and Refund:

The following business rules apply for All itaxpartners sponsored billable seminars and webinars:

  • In order to register, applicants must complete the online registration form on the itaxpartners website. Payment of seminar fees will be collected at time of online registration and must be accompanied with credit or debit card payment.

  • All registrations are subject to applicable federal and / or provincial taxes unless specifically stated otherwise.

  • All cancellations must be received in writing either by email or by fax. Cancellations received at least 5 business days prior to the seminar date will be accepted. Cancellations received at least five business days prior to the seminar date will result in a full refund.

  • No refunds will be given for cancellations received after five business days prior to the scheduled seminar date.

  • If an attendee cannot attend, substitution of participants is welcome up to the session date without prior notification.

  • Itaxpartners reserves the right to cancel an event if necessary, and in this case, will provide a full refund of registration fees without interest or penalty.

  • If there is a change in the program date, itaxpartners will offer the new date to the customer, another seminar or webinar. If customer does not accept, itaxpartners will provide a full refund of registration fees without interest or penalty.

  • No liability will be assumed by itaxpartners for changes in contents, speaker or venue.


Personal and financial information is collected in order to provide you with the products and/or services you have requested, for communicating course registrations, preparing attendance certificates and processing credit card payments. If you subscribe to attend one of our events or our emails, we assume that we have your implied consent to our collection and use of such information. However, at times we may ask for your express consent, either verbally or in writing. Generally, we collect only your business contact information directly from you when you subscribe to one of our publications or register for an event.

Attendance Records

To receive credit for attendance, an individual must sign the attendance sheet provided at each session or for webinar, to listen to the event which we obtain confirmation. By signing the attendance sheet or listening to the webinar you agree to be added to the itaxpartners email database, receive promotional materials and any information regarding our seminars/webinars. Participants may not sign the attendance sheets on behalf of others. If this situation comes to our attention, the attendance record may be removed from our database. Certificates of Attendance are available for each individual after the end of the event.

Disclosure of Information

itaxpartners do not record telephone conversations but these may be monitored for quality control. Your response to a survey is not disclosed to third parties but your comments may be published if you have specifically agreed in writing. As one of our goals is to create networking opportunities for event attendees and presenters, itaxpartners reserve the right to use your business contact information (name, title, company name, e-mail, telephone, and postal address) so that we may communicate with you about our new/existing products as well as to share your business information amongst other event attendees and sponsors. If you decide you do not want your personal information to be used for any of these purposes, at the time your personal information is collected, or at any later time, you can contact us at or alternatively 905 946 0765.

Consent to Use of Image or Likeness

From time to time, itaxpartners may take still photographs or film sessions of the events for promotional or other purposes. All attendees agree to the incidental use of their likeness or image in any photographs or videos.

Other terms and conditions:

The following business rules apply for All itaxpartners sponsored billable seminars and webinars:

  • Course materials will only be available electronically and distributed within five days of the seminar / webinar. Materials will be available after the seminar/ webinar to attendees upon request.

  • itaxpartners is not engaged in providing professional advice which should be sought from a relevant professional.

  • itaxpartners co-ordinates materials and presenters but does not provide any opinion or representation with respect to the course materials and any comments, discussions or opinions provided by staff or presenters.

  • Participants in our program are encouraged to obtain detailed professional advice, and accordingly we accept no responsibility for reliance on the course material or the presentation provided by the presenters.

  • itaxpartners has provided links to organizations and sponsors and does not opine on the information or services provided by them, nor do we have any control over their sites.

  • We work closely with instructors / presenters to provide a high quality professional presentation and information package for participants. The content and presentation is our best efforts but is not to be relied upon or used to provide client opinions. The materials used in our programs, or housed on our website are for reference and do not replace the need for professional advice. Our programs do not replace the need to consult with or engage professional tax, accounting, legal, investment and / or other advisors. Accordingly we cannot be held liable for reliance on such materials or presentations.

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