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Client Centric

Why should you be interested?
  • Practical advice by experienced professionals

  • Wealth preservation

  • Tax planning

  • Succession planning

  • Access to the professionals relevant to your needs

  • Plan, plan, plan! it’s the key to minimizing your taxes and ensuring the success of your business

  • We will have specialists in many fields fill you in how to be more efficient, obtain better pricing or achieve greater efficiencies

Some basic and commonly asked questions you may want to consider:
Common misconceptions
  • I will just transfer my company shares to a family member

  • Well, no one from CRA has said anything, so it must be okay

  • My neighbour does it that way and he hasn’t been reassessed or told it’s wrong

  • I know what the value of my assets are, why do I need a third party valuation?

Questions to consider:
  • So if I transfer my company to a family trust I don’t have to pay taxes right?

  • What are the shareholder benefit rules and why should I be concerned?

  • How do I make sure my tax planning doesn’t affect my borrowing covenants and relationship?

  • How do I income split? What are my options?

  • I hear about planning, how much time do I need to plan?

  • What should I be planning for

There’s a minefield of tax traps, don’t get tripped up.

  • If you own a company there’s potentially a double tax upon death

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