Check with us regularly as we add more seminars, webinars and panel discussions!

We have various upcoming theme days in the fall, some examples:

  • Buy/Sell/Plan
  • “What can go wrong” when tax planning is not done correctly
  • CRA audits, rectification, appeals, and case studies
  • Corporate/Estate Planning Day
  • Cross Border Tax Day

Be sure to mark the following dates in your calendars:

  • October 20th, buy / sell / transition the business
  • November 3rd, CRA audits, rectifications, appeals, cases
  • November 15th, tax planning
  • November 24th, tax traps and preventative planning
  • December 1st, Canada / US tax issues
  • December 15th, HST


Seminars and panels qualify for professional development hours. Our price point is affordable, gives you the professional development hours you need and provides an opportunity to grow your business.

Seminar format will vary depending on topic. Panels will typically be one to one and a half hours. Seminars will be two hours followed by panels or three hours without panels. The time slot will be afternoons, end of day to allow an opportunity for post session networking.

Panel discussions will cover topics relevant to the clients we serve.

Traditional seminar / webinar to update you and provide insightful information relevant to your practice.

Presenters: Experienced professionals, including CPA, CA’s, Lawyers, Financial advisors.

See a Sample of Past Presentations:

Gains Exemption/Succession Planning

  • Eligibility for CGE (90% Test, 24 Month Test, and 50% Test
  • Anti-Slacking Rule
  • Kiddie Tax
  • Crystallization
  • Anti-Avoidance Rules
  • Good vs. Bad Structures

PHSP or Private Health Service Plan

  • Where is it in the income tax act?
  • How does it fit the definition of insurance?
  • What does “risk” mean to the employer and the employee?
  • How does it compare to traditional benefit plans and are there tax consequences to this? (Discuss employment classes, Dependant definition, and Shareholder vs. Employee)
  • What medical expenses are covered?
  • Who administers or runs plan?

Estate Planning / Trusts

  • Trusts
  • Trust return preparation
  • Post mortem planning
  • Valuation, taxable benefit rules
  • Estate freeze, use of family trust, succession planning
  • Capital gains exemption planning
  • Estate administration
  • Life insurance